Staff and Teacher Tribute

Honor a special teacher or staff member! Celebrate them by making a donation, to the Education Foundation.

  • $10-Digital Certificate & Principal Notification
  • $25-Frameable Certificate & Principal Notification
  • $50-Website Listing, Frameable Certificate & Principal Notification

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If you are looking for a unique way to honor a special teacher or staff member, why not celebrate them by making a donation in their name to the Education Foundation of Bridgewater-Raritan? All donations are tax deductible. Your gift of $10 or more will be recognized by the Foundation in the form of a certificate awarded to that special teacher or staff member. Your donation will be used to fund creative and innovative classroom projects in the Bridgewater-Raritan Schools.

This program is run by the Education Foundation of Bridgewater-Raritan, a group of local citizens organized in 1993 to attract donations from local residents and businesses to fund creative and innovative programs outside the scope of the regular school budget. Since its creation the Foundation has helped to fund a children’s opera, weather stations, environmental centers and gardens, various science-based programs and much more. Since its inception the Foundation has paid more than $600,000 for such programs and all eleven schools in the district have benefited.


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