The Education foundation is always looking for motivated involved citizens interested in helping to develop innovative and creative programs within the Bridgewater-Raritan school district. The Trustees of the foundation are available to answer any questions about our programs or what a volunteers role might be. Please feel free to use the form on the Contact Us page to reach any of our representatives.


Board of Trustees

  • Jim Franco – Foundation Chair, Mini-Grant Chair, & Finance Comm.
  • Stacey Kimmins – Foundation Vice-Chair, Events Co-Chair, & Finance Comm.
  • Kristy Shurina – Social Media Chair & Comm. Members
  • Barry Walker – BOE Liaison Finance Comm.
  • AJ Joshi – BOE Liaison Mini-Grant Comm.
  • Jason Mauriello – Finance Chair, Treasurer, & Finance Comm.
  • Laura Bassett – Mini-Grant Comm.
  • Corrina Parsio – Mini-Grant Comm. & Events Comm.
  • Aldo Russo – Mini-Grant Comm.
  • Bruce Moran – Publicity Events Comm. & Social Media
  • Megan Simoni – Events Comm.
  • Heather Diaforli-Day – CSA Meetings
  • LeighAnn Matthews – Social Media
  • Dan Hemberger – Website

Non-Voting Board Members

  • Robert Beers – Superintendent
  • Greg Filipski – Website